Blephadex Lid Cleansing Foam
Blephadex Lid Cleansing Foam

Blephadex Lid Cleansing Foam

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Blephadex foam helps to cleanse, soothe and moisturize the eyelids. Recommended in specific cases for the management of Blepharitis and Dry Eye symptoms.  

The cleansing foam is a powerful alternative with the same ingredients as Blephadex wipes, but in an easy-to-use dispenser.

Gentle and effective, it offers a combination of Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil.

Tea Tree Oil & Coconut Oil help remove excess oil and provide an effective cleansing option for Demodex Blepharitis.

  • Tea Tree Oil is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial 
  • Coconut Oil is anti-inflammatory, while helping to create a moisturizing and soothing effect 

 *Tea Tree Oil products are only to be used when recommended by your eye care practitioner.  Remove contact lenses prior to use.

50ml Foam Dispenser